We are excited and proud to announce that Telenor Linx has been shortlisted for the Best Anti-Fraud Innovation Global Carrier Award 2022.

The program focuses on two principal areas:

  • Stopping unwanted/illegitimate traffic on the network
  • Stopping payments going to fraudster used in financing criminal activities

The monetary impact of optimizing internal routines resulted in a 69% decrease in number of annual fraud disputes and a 99% decline in annual financial risk exposure over a five year span from 2018 to 2022. Telenor has also been able to recover 95% of all fraud disputed amounts in 2021 through credit notes from its suppliers.

Telenor’s fraud prevention program utilizes analytical prowess of big data on Telenor’s signaling platform.  The Fraud Portal, developed in co-operation with Utel, recognizes internally defined patterns and visualizes real-time international traffic. The goal is to detect abnormal traffic patterns and enable intervention before questionable calls reach end customers.

“Telenor’s Fraud portal is built on top of its signaling data and this is where Telenor brings in the real innovation”, states Senior product manager, fraud solution; Endre Syvertsen. “With rules implemented in the voice gateway to ensure only legitimate traffic goes through, Telenor has continued to successfully block unallocated ranges and premium rate numbers and enabled Wangiri protection. By selecting trusted vendors, analyzing high-risk destinations and executing 24×7 monitoring, Telenor has harnessed the power of technology to devise a smart solution to the rising storm of fraud in the industry.”

Telenor has also optimized its internal routines of fraud disputes handling and payment withholding process by enabling urgent internal and external alerts detecting fraudulent traffic and using a Standard Police Report to document the fraud incident. This directly resulted in speeding up  the dispute process allowing Telenor to immediately stop payments of fraudulent traffic to timely prevent financing of criminal activities.

At Telenor, we believe trust in our brand is essential to build deeper and longer relationships with customers and partners. Telenor has taken a leading position in the battle against fraudsters. We have the proof of concept on how a fraud prevention program built on a zero-tolerance policy against fraud, smart use of technology and strong payment withholding routines deliver on the mission of combatting the rising challenge of fraud.