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Telenor’s Global Wholesale unit is responsible for all aspects of wholesale roaming on behalf of Telenor Group. This includes rollout of roaming services towards the roaming partners, as well as securing inbound roaming revenue and outbound roaming cost level. Starting from January 1st 2019, Telenor’s rollout capabilities have been strengthened by entering this strategic partnership with RoamSmart.

As one of many steps taken to transform roaming rollout from a local to a global process, Telenor have implemented RoamSmart’s Roaming Management Tool to support coordination of rollout of new roaming services in the Business Units. The tool also fills the function of the centralized master database for roaming services. The newly established partnership adds another dimension to Telenor’s rollout support system as it provides access to IREG360, IOT360 and Opdata360 applications. These modules are also running on the Unified platform and are contributing to Telenor’s effective and simplified administration of dynamic wholesale roaming information throughout the lifespan of an international roaming relationship.

Magnus Svensson, Head of Roaming Solutions in Global Wholesale states: “Introducing centralized roaming rollout processes was the natural next step in executing on Global Wholesale’s efficiency and simplification agenda. This includes automation of the reception, distribution and storage of the huge number of network and billing system changes which are issued by our roaming partners. In addition, these applications are providing us with centralized control of important roaming information and also contribute to improved roaming quality for the benefit of inbound and outbound retail customers.”

Commenting on the partnership, RoamSmart’s VP Sales Mehdi Triki adds: “Telenor and RoamSmart have worked really hard over the past two years to build and deliver on the Group’s Roaming Management strategy. Our unique Unified Roaming Platform is the answer to Telenor’s strategic vision to create a centralized and holistic roaming rollout platform for all of their mobile operator markets. Our long-term engagement with Telenor is an important step for us as it allows us to provide their subsidiaries with key value-added solutions whilst continuing to extend our footprint.” Mehdi continues, “We are proud to have partnered with an innovative mobile operator like Telenor Group and look forward to embracing future joint opportunities”.

About RoamSmart
RoamSmart is a leading provider of innovative Roaming Management and Big Data Solutions to mobile operators supporting them in the digital transformation of their roaming and wholesale business. Unified Roaming Platform, RoamSmart’s online portal, offers access to a wide range of modules to cover Roaming Rollout, RAEX management, Roaming Audit and Inbound Roaming Market Share in a one-stop-shop approach. RoamSmart is serving 50+ customers in 40+ countries on 5 continents.

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Telenor Group connects its 174 million customers to what matters most. Connecting the world has been Telenor’s domain for more than 160 years and we currently operate across Scandinavia and Asia. We are committed to responsible business conduct and driven by the ambition of empowering societies.

Global Wholesale is the international communication provider of Telenor Group, connecting countries and offering global reach with managed quality to customers worldwide. We deliver high quality interconnect solutions within Voice, Roaming, Messaging and Connectivity services; providing you with the world at hand wherever you are.

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