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Roaming Quality Management

Today, customers expect services to work “just like at home”. Ensuring the roaming quality can thus yield a competitive advantage for you:

  • less troubleshooting
  • more satisfied customers
  • shorter lead time to solve incidents

This is done by managing and handling the business processes supporting every step in the roaming customer journey.

Key deliverables

Roaming data management

Populate & Distribute customer IR.21
Act as GSMA IR.21 administrator to implement changes in IR.21 based on your information, upload and distribute according to defined process

Populate & Distribute customer OpData
Act as GSMA OpData administrator to implement changes in OpData based on your information, upload and distribute  according to defined process

Receive and distribute Roaming Partner’s IR.21  
For your IT and network solutions depending on IR.21 information from your Roaming Partner- we secure that relevant team and/or person receives latest updated IR.21.

Roaming database audit
Your network, platforms and systems are dependent on correct IR.21-information. To secure that they are up-to date we perform audits comparing with latest IR.21 documents from your Roaming Partners. You will receive lists of deviations and thereby be able to correct any discrepancy.

Roaming quality test & verification

This service offers verification of your Roaming Partners service availability/quality –   in advance of specific events, change of traffic steering, holidays, before a retail campaign and for troubleshooting.  We decide together with you when and what to test.  We will use a PROBE-based solution for remote test.

Being proactive in the process ensures that issues already can be handled and solved before your customers are affected.

As a part of incident handling and/or troubleshooting the probe testing will be offered as a tool in simulating the traffic case which is reported as an issue.

Roaming quality monitoring

Time matters. By monitor live outbound traffic you will be able to be aware of and detect roaming issues at an early stage – preferably before your customer complaint. You will also be able to disclose issues that are not reported by your customers and have an opportunity to mitigate the issue.

This leads to positive impacts on both the customer journey and revenue stream as customer will be able to use the services and as a result of that also generate traffic for invoicing.

Roaming Quality Monitoring can be managed by:

  • Quality parameter surveillance
  • Alarm handling
  • Traffic monitoring
Roaming incident management & support

Roaming incidents require effective coordination to be resolved quickly.  When a larger roaming incident occurs Telenor Global Wholesale will support you to solve the incident by using the gathered roaming competence and group functionality.

Relevant experience from our customers will also be shared to proactively prevent major roaming incidents.

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