The wholesale roaming business goes beyond data and financial clearing services

Roaming Financial Management

We offer an end-2-end process with experts supporting the whole value chain.

Key deliverables

Data Clearing Service

The service offers, through our Data Clearing House partner, to manage roaming billing information data exchanging between you and your Roaming Partners. The data exchange including TAP file and NRTRDE is offered together with some additional such as IOT check, TAP re-rating, RAP process handling, Online reporting tool, etc.

Financial Clearing Service

The service offers, through our Finanical Clearning House partner, financial clearing supporting roaming and interworking business by reconciling all accounts and financial transactions with your Roaming Partners and/or Inter-Working Partners.  Included are handling of incoming/outgoing invoice (produce, dispatch, collect, validate and if needed dispute), credit/debit generation, settlement and payment as well as credit collection.

The incoming invoice reconciliation from roaming traffic is based on the validated TAP/RAP data delivered from the Data Clearing House with the relevant Financial Clearing report, being RTDR the current standard.

For SMS IW traffic the incoming invoices are reconciled against the bulk files delivered from SMS IW service provider.

Settlement & Collection

Settlement on Special IOT (Discount agreements) is managed and the calculated, and with your Roaming Partner aligned, result is sent by bulk-files to your FCH for the producing of credit notes to be exchanged with your Roaming Partner.

Collection and outstanding payment is managed if, after 3 months, no payment is made by your Roaming Partner. Then Global Wholesale is taking over, in close contact with you, the follow up by getting open balance from FCH and contacting the Roaming Partner for missing payment, and if needed initiate escalations.

Accruals & Financial reporting

Accruals Reporting:  Telenor Linx is negotiating IOT discount deals with all roaming partners on your behalf. Based on negotiated deals Telenor Global Wholesale is preparing monthly roaming accrual reports for you.

Accruals for roaming revenues (IB) and costs (OB) are provided on a monthly basis to be used in your accounting.

Financial Reporting:  Recurring you will receive a report for your forecast activities including inbound revenue and outbound cost. The forecast is compared to actuals and actions like changed steering of traffic may be taken based on the result. As a base for analyzing and set new forecast Telenor Global Wholesale is using BI-reports as well as DCH-information.

Dispute Management

Dispute management both regarding standard IOT and special IOT is handled by our partner for DC.  If escalation needed, this is handed over to Telenor Global Wholesale.

TADIG Operations

In this service Telenor Linx will perform and support tasks related to the daily operations regarding TAP-file exchange and corresponding activities. You will thus benefit from Telenor Group scale and our roaming competence.

The service includes:

  • Proactive Roaming Wholesale Billing Data Management
  • Proactive Roaming Wholesale Billing Monitoring
  • RAP-file handling
  • Roaming Wholesale Billing support
Discount in TAP management

Telenor Linx will support you in managing the rerate of TAP-out files according to Discount Agreements by:

  • Secure that outgoing TAP-files always are rated correctly according to valid DA or standard IOT
  • Handle the monthly changes in TAP-out rerating at DCH based on DA
  • Verify the changes made
  • Monitor logs handling

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