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Roaming Commercial Management

We are experts in the wholesale roaming market.

With the benefit from Telenor Group scale we can optimize your wholesale roaming, getting attention from roaming partners and deliver great services with a lower outbound roaming cost.

Key deliverables

Retail alignments & Target setting

We will together with you analyze the traffic patterns from all customers and align volumes and expectations of outbound traffic and inbound revenue. This is done so that you can enable competitive retail roaming offers and grow retail revenue. The performance is monitored continuously, and in dialogue with the customer a quarterly commercial ambition is updated.

Negotiations are primarily done on a group level i.e. combining the available volumes from all customers for both inbound and outbound traffic, hence increasing our negotiation power. The commercial conditions are shared between the participants in the contract.

Handshake & Discount Agreement management

Group negotiations & handshake

We are negotiating about discounted rates and commitments for both in- and outbound roaming traffic. Once a Handshake on the commercial conditions is achieved, we start to implement agreed rates in TAP and produce Accrual reports for our customers.

Discount Agreement management

The Discount Agreement process (i.e. drafting, sending and signature) is managed in parallel with the operations. Based on the Power of Attorney, Telenor enters the agreements on behalf of the customer.

Cost/Rev monitoring and optimization – BI tool

We have automated the Roaming traffic and cost monitoring. This means that we can keep track of unexpected events and immediately take the proper action.

We also have an extensive portfolio regarding cost and revenue reporting.

Our Business Managers are experts in looking into the data for traffic patterns and find the optimal setup for the group and managed roaming customers.

Steering operations

We are looking into each partners traffic distribution and put the traffic in the right network. With the right network we mean the right quality, the right services and the right cost. When we are dealing with the group’s total traffic distribution, we will at the same time manage our Discount Deals better, meaning to fulfil our targeted goals for each deal.

This will mean that you as a Managed Roaming customer will have the best possible overall cost at each roaming partner.

Welcome SMS platform

Our Welcome SMS platform is a true versatile platform where you can reach out to your customers with Bon Voyage messages when they arrive at their location.

  • Advanced and flexible marketing platform
  • Tracks roamer locations in real-time (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Intelligent classification of roamers into groups
  • Create dynamic message content to reduce required configuration

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