Guaranteed secured IP network for delivering mobile data traffic

Data Roaming (GRX)

In today’s demanding mobile world, users expect much from their mobile devices’ functionality. They demand 24/7 service wherever they are, and a roam like home experience is a “must have” in our fast pacing industry.

Bandwidth demanding and quality sensitive applications such as streaming, online gaming and browsing are expected to be available wherever you are. To deliver top quality roaming data services seamlessly, operators need to access a global and secure IP network.

Benefits of using Telenor Global Data Roaming

  • Worldwide coverage supporting 2G, 3G and LTE
  • CoS and QoS support as defined in GSMA IR.34
  • Dedicated IPX network isolated from the public internet
  • Redundant Root DNS service
  • Online access to utilization and performance information
  • Supports GTPv0, GTPv1 and GTPv2
  • Worldwide coverage through one connexion
  • Scalable network to supports usage growth
  • Multiservice interconnect over IPX
  • Service Level agreement
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Customer Support Center
  • Support for CoS and QoS as defined in GSMA
  • Experienced GRX provider since 2000
  • Together with LTE Signalling, Data Roaming (over S8 Interface) secures the path towards an all IP world
Connectivity Options
  • IPX connectivity
  • IPSec
Supports Managed Roaming
  • Integrated with our Managed Roaming services and Roaming Quality Concept

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