One secure login for all services

Passwordless login

Passwordless login for all apps and services

With Telenor ID, mobile subscribers can enjoy additional security and convenience by having their phone numbers automatically recognised and verified by the mobile network of their operator.

Our ID solution serve all Business Units within the Telenor Group with a secure gateway to their core business.

Telenor ID

Best performing conversion rates powered by unique telco assets

Protect your customers with market leading security features and monitoring to prevent security attacks 

Customizable user flows with multiple Level of Assurance (LoA), risk based authentication, local language, and brand support

Easy to integrate and highly scalable solution built on cloud technology with operational support 24/7

Enable trust and transparency with local brand recognition and GDPR compliant solution 


Features developed to deliver the best user experience without compromising security.

Advanced Analytics

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on across services enabling users to stay logged in across your ecosystem – providing a seamless customers experience.

Advanced Analytics

Automatic recognition

Telenor ID leverages core telco capabilities such as Header Enrichment and SIM ownership to automatically detect and recognise the end-user’s mobile number.

self-care portal

Account management

Self-service capabilities available for end-users to manage their Telenor ID account and settings.

self-care portal

Multiple user flows

Flexible user flows and multiple Level of Assurance adjusted to the needs of your service and context of your end-users. Login with e.g. phone number and/or email, SMS one-time-pin, automatic recognition of mobile number, etc.

fraud prevention

Risk-based authentication

World-class security monitoring and proactive actions to detect and eliminate breaches. With risk-based authentication implemented, Telenor ID enhances user security by detecting unusual logins and adjust user flow with and Level of Assurance to help prevent abuse.


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