DNA, who officially joined Telenor Group in August 2019 as the 9th Business unit, can now fully take advantage of being part of a Group for international wholesale services. This means, they can leverage the benefits of scale for both international roaming and voice, as well as take advantage of the centralized expertise for international services in Global Wholesale.

DNA was part of the Telenor Group roaming negotiations already from autumn 2019, and fully included in IOT discount agreements from 2020. Being part of the Group agreements provides DNA with significant upside for the roaming outbound cost. The reduced outbound cost can be utilized to offer more attractive retail roaming offerings for the customers of DNA, and thereby making them more competitive in their local market. As a second step, DNA became part of the centralized handling of roaming coverage, including entering new standard roaming agreement and performing roaming testing.

International voice has been gradually migrated, and since early summer 2020, 100% is handled by Global Wholesale. The Roaming Enabling services have also been successfully migrated to Global Wholesale in 2020, starting with Diameter signaling, and now finalized SS7 and GRX after summer.

Charlotte Nystuen, Head of Cluster & Portfolio Management

“Onboarding of DNA has been very efficient and according to plan”, states Charlotte Nystuen, Head of Cluster & Portfolio Management. “We have gathered a lot of experience and learnings by onboarding our own Telenor affiliates in the past. This has resulted in well-established routines and made the onboarding of DNA an extremely smooth and efficient process.”

DNA will also be included into the centralized Steering of Roaming solution before end of the year. Centralized steering is an integrated part of the Managed Roaming service by Global Wholesale, and secures cost- and operational efficiency in optimizing the roaming business. Next step is to further evaluate and utilize the benefits of centralized setup for International A2P messaging offered by Global Wholesale.